Award winning Illustrator & Animator Rachel Ryle is a social media maven of sorts. Having been named the #1 Instagram account to follow by MTV & BuzzFeed, she focuses on incorporating her art & animations into her posts. Since the launch of Instagram’s video feature Rachel has turned her stream into a collection of art & quirky stop motion animations. In only 15 seconds her short story animations are bound to leave a smile on your face. 

Rachel is a self taught artist who has always loved to explore her creativity. Throughout her whole life she has filled her free time with crafts & creations. She continues to create under the knowledge that if you make something you'll grow. While she's always had a passion for illustrating, it wasn't until July of 2013 that she took a stab at animating. You can watch Rachel's first animation below entitled "Make Something & Grow". This first attempt was created to be an encouragement to those who were watching. Little did she know it would change the course of her life. Since this animation was posted Rachel has received worldwide support for her art & has turned illustrating & animating into her full time career. 

The piece of paper saying "Make Something & Grow" is hanging by Rachel's front door reminding her to never stop creating.