Allow me a moment to freak out & celebrate…*squeals with excitement*…I just hit a personal record, 1 million followers on Instagram!! To me it’s not a number to brag about, but rather to celebrate that my art is living in each of your lives & hopefully continuing to bring smiles your way. My goal has always been to bring joy & inspiration through my art, and I thank you for letting me be in your lives and on your screens. I say this often, but I can’t say it enough, your love, likes, comments and support are the #1 thing that keeps me creating. So this animation is my big “thank you” to you…to each and every one of you! I love that my art is being seen by this amazing collection of people from all around the world, and I can’t wait to keep sharing my creations with you. *High five* friends, I’m so thankful for all your support in getting me this far! #madlove