Happy Book Lovers Day! From magic to adventure & romance to mystery, this is a poem I wrote about the exciting world of reading! I’ve always enjoyed the whimsy of poetry, so this was a fun challenge to bring my rhyming words to life through animation. Of course I couldn’t make a book themed animation without including the magical world of Harry Potter & a couple other classics you may recognize! Thank you to everyone who voted for this animation to be made in my Instagram Story last week! I hope you enjoy it and (more importantly) that this encourages you to put down your screen & pick up a book! Happy reading!! PS today’s hidden emoji is pretty tricky to see, but try and find the #📖!

At last, this is out of my head & onto your screens! This animation took me nearly a month to conceptualize & create, with tons of tiny details honoring these six iconic & inspirational women. What started out as a simple concept quickly turned into a study session. I found myself researching each of them, and getting lost for days in their individual journeys. Hence the reason this took me so long, learning more about them caused me to put my heart into this creation. My biggest hope in showcasing their characteristic strengths, is that it inspires you to let your passions shine! We all have the ability to add brightness to this world. Let’s learn from these women and make our lights shine just as bright! PS Today’s hidden emoji is brought to you by the strength of women worldwide, can you find the golden flexing muscle? #💪 #ispyemojis Also, watch for a behind the scenes on my Story later today, as I’ll be giving a closer look to the tiny details & hidden meanings that I included about these six women: #CocoChanel, #JackieO (Onassis Kennedy), #AudreyHepburn, #LucilleBall, @Oprah (#Oprah Winfrey) & #PrincessDiana. #stopmotion #animation

I’ve been busy cutting out tiny lettuce & cooking up this creation with Blue Apron! The storyteller in me loves when I get the opportunity to work with brands. Especially when they let my imagination go “Ryled” to creatively tell their story through the world of my art. With this piece I wanted to convey Blue Apron’s meal kit home delivery service, hence the beginning package & “ding dong”. Then to show the ingredients they ship coming together to make a yummy homemade dish…with a little Ryle twist ;) Lucky for you, this animation comes with a gift! Click the link below to receive a special discount from the team at Blue Apron! You’re one delivery away from having everything you need to start cooking up a storm. It’s time to jazz it up & dish it out! As always, thanks for watching & happy cooking! #blueapron #ad #andproudofit

We did it! Together we made this animation to raise awareness for pet adoption. For those of you who participated in my #pets4rachel contest, thank you for sending me photos of your adopted pets! I received over 600 entries and had a really hard time picking which pets to include. I’ll admit…I crammed in as many of your pets as I possibly could, so forgive me if the art & filming is a little rushed & “ruff” around the edges (I haven’t slept in a couple days trying to get this done for today)! I hope that this brings a smile to all you pet lovers, especially those whose pets I included. Most importantly, let this animation be a fun & friendly reminder that there’s always a pet in need. Adopt if you can and give a furry friend a place to call home! Happy National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

Happy Easter Everybunny! I “hop” today is full of happiness, love & little surprises along the way. My Sunday confession…I’ve been craving pancakes the entire time that I’ve been making this animation. Now that this bunny is done, it’s time I get my Easter Brunch on! Love to you all! PS see if you can find the hidden Easter bunny emoji hiding somewhere in this piece! #🐰

I love when I gain inspiration from talented people that I’ve met on Instagram. Even better, I love when I find ways to collaborate with them & get the opportunity to point my spotlight their way! I’ve been a fan of @chrisburkard’s account for years, and I created this piece out of my adoration & respect for his work. His adventurous spirit and ability to capture the places he goes is inspiring & captivating. Last year he released a stunning documentary about an Icelandic surf trip that recently got picked up by Netflix! The moment I watched it I was inspired to make this animation. Within this piece I did my best to retell his story through the world of my art. It took me nearly a month to conceptualize & complete, with a lot of attention to detail & tricky parts to figure out along the way. The whole time I thought about his dedication to his craft, and how it’s always worth pushing yourself to new limits in the effort to make something new for others to enjoy. My hope with creating this piece is that it will encourage you to follow his awesome account and that you’ll go watch his film, “Under An Arctic Sky” (available on Netflix & iTunes)! I promise you’ll be inspired…& if you are, give it a good rating! A huge thank you to the team at @ChrisBurkardStudio for providing me with the footage & to @juliancisneros for the film’s original music! Here’s to supporting other creators & their creativity! 

Make today *the day* to capture, to read, to write & to play! It’s up to you to create today! I’ve had this animation in my head, and on my art table, for weeks. I’ll admit it was a lot of work, but I squealed last night when I saw it play back for the first time! It is so fulfilling to see what was once just a thought come to life through creation. That’s the beauty of creativity, we all have some of it! Whether it comes out through paint, pictures, words, writing, music and so on. It’s in us! I hope this animation encourages you to take a day for your creativity & go create something! If you need a daily reminder, I’ve turned the end message from this piece into a wallpaper for your phone. Simply screenshot it from my saved Stories on my Instagram Profile page. But first, see if you can find the hidden paint brush emoji hiding somewhere in this creation! #🖌

Happy Thanksgiving! While today is certainly focused around feasting with family & friends, I encourage you all to focus on having a thankful heart. Today, tomorrow and all of the rest! Gratitude reciprocates, continue to give thanks daily and you’ll find that you have SO much to be thankful for. As for me, this recent move & getting settled in New York has been full of hard work but I’ve taken many moments to stop and remember what got me here! YOU DID! Each and every one of you who has given me a ❤️ on a post, taken the time to comment, and continuously encourage me to create. You’re the reason I keep going, and I couldn’t be more grateful that I get to share this journey with such a supportive group of followers & friends. So thank you!! Of course I would be a starving artist without the incredible clients I’ve had the fun opportunities to work with. I’m beyond thankful for LeCreuset (who I originally made this animation for), The Ellen Show, Starbucks, Tommy Hilfiger, Cartier, Barbie, Target, Timberland, KIND Snacks, Banfield Pet Hospital, ESPN, 20th Century Fox, Focus Features, Microsoft, Chatbooks…just to name a few! I couldn’t be more grateful that I have followers and brands who are so supportive of my creativity & joy! Thank you all! I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving with yummy food & thankful hearts!

If you love amazing food, then you would LOVE Brooklyn. I’ve done nothing but eat since I arrived. There’s just too many options of amazing & yummy food here! It simply wouldn’t be right if I didn’t partake. Speaking of which, I’ve got to get dressed and head over to Smorgasburg. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday than with all the best food trucks in the city. See you over there! ;)

In honor of #BreastCancerAwareness I’ve whipped up this sweet little reminder for all the ladies out there, it’s time to check your cupcakes! Just like baking, we need to occasionally check in & make sure everything is ok on the rack! 😘 As for today’s hidden emoji, and the closest thing I could find to a pink bra, look for the itsy bitsy teeny weeny pink polka dot bikini #👙! #ispyemojis

It’s Friday the 13th & if you’re superstitious then there is a long list of unlucky things you shouldn’t do today. Here’s a sweet reminder of the top five that will help keep you alive! Of course if you find today’s hidden emoji within my animation, a black outline of the four leaf clover #🍀, then luck is bound to come your way! Let me know if you find it, but don’t spoil where it is for everyone else playing along…that would be unlucky for them! All luck aside, I hope you all have a happy Friday!

I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I started this fun & creative journey of teaching myself how to animate! Back then I had no idea where it would take me. Especially now as I’m moving to New York full time to pursue my art!! *insert scream of excitement* This animation means a lot to me as it’s my final creation made in the home studio where this all started. I wanted to create something meaningful, so I brought to life a quote from my father. He was always so encouraging, inspiring & supportive of my art. Luckily I still have my mom to remind me of his words & with them she continues to encourage me. Recently she shared with me this saying of his, and I knew instantly I wanted to animate it. “Healthy things grow, growing things change, changing things challenge us, challenge causes us to trust and trusting makes us healthy”. It’s a beautiful cycle and it’s comforting to know that while change can be challenging, often times it’s for the best! Many of you may remember my first animation called “Make Something & Grow” posted in July of 2013. As I enter into this season of change, I feel it’s time to ‘Grow Something & Trust”. Trusting that this is only the beginning of my journey. And while there will be changes & challenges ahead, I will continue to trust as I spread my wings & grow as an artist in the big city! With this I hope my dad’s words live on and encourage you in some way. You may also be in a season of change, so know that if you trust in a positive outcome you may very well be pleasantly surprised with what’s ahead! PS As for the #ispyemojis try and find this little guy ✨🐛✨!

There are many things that make this my favorite season, but there’s one thing that always makes my summer complete. 🎶I’d guess you’d say, what can make me feel this way? Well, it’s my grill! Talkin’ about my grill (my grill)!🎶 Yes, this is a cheesy play on a classic song, but whenever I hear “My Girl” (by the Temptations) I immediately think of “My Grill”…just because, food. Let’s get outside and enjoy summer to the fullest…sunshine & grills are awaiting us!!

Love is a beautiful thing. It’s a gift that we all have the ability, and daily opportunities, to give one another…even strangers. That’s how I was brought up - to give before taking, to serve without wanting, and to treat others how I would want to be treated. My hope is that this piece encourages you all to love, today…& every day after! We may not all be the same, but we each have a heart that deserves some daily TLC! Speaking of hearts, every single one in this animation was created by members of my awesome & talented community! I asked you all to send me your hearts for this piece, and boy did you deliver! I SO wish I could’ve included them all. Check out the rest of the hearts over at #hearts4LGBT! From all these hearts to those in the #LGBT, we hope this brings some smiles & love your way! #pridemonth

Happy National Donut Day! I was thinking, wouldn’t it be nice to be one of “those people” who proudly post a picture of their six pack on Instagram? Let’s face it, donuts happen. So this is probably the closest I’ll ever get to achieving that dream. The good news is that with donuts we can all have a sweet six pack! Whether you’re a believer in this “hole-y” holiday or not, I hope you all enjoy this very special “fried-day”! Diet or not…donut hesitate, go treat yo’self! PS Of course today’s hidden emoji is this 👉🏻🍩👈🏻. See if you can spot it ;)

I’ve had this animation in my head for “a ryle’ now, and it’s so fun to see it finally come to life! Of course, I couldn’t have made this blooming community garden without your help. Every single flower in this piece was created by one of you! Last week when I asked you to submit #flowers4rachel I was blown away with how many wonderful drawings I received. I tried to pack them all into the final piece, but only about a third made it. Whether your flower bloomed in this garden or not, know that I am so thankful that you took the time to create this animation with me! A community can be a powerful force, especially when you create something joyful together. I hope this inspires you to keep creating & always make it a “zip-a-dee-doo-dah” day! Love you guys! PS there isn’t a hidden emoji today, instead click on #flowers4rachel & see how many of those flowers you can find! 

Here’s a little #ThrowbackThursday to the one and only, Breaking Bad! I recently binged the entire series and sketched up inspiration for this piece. Of course, given my love for coffee, I simply had to make it about Gale’s mega-lab coffee machine! RIP. If you’re a fan of this show like me, I hope you enjoy all the detail that I put into this piece. I’ll be posting photos to my Story later today of closer up shots! I also must give a shoutout to the two gentlemen who made the show what it is, @bryancranston (“Walter White”) & @glassofwhiskey (“Jesse Pinkman”). Bravo to you both! I’m looking forward to seeing your new movies “Wakefield” and “Welcome Home”! Now for today’s animation, I have two games! First up, the hidden emoji…can you find the Los Pollos Hermanos chicken leg, 🍗? Second game, if you have time, decode this hidden message by using the Periodic Table of Elements to write out the corresponding letters: 1•53 | 49•16•73•9•95! | 74•1•8 | 13•16•8 | 3•19•99 | 90•53•16 | 16•67•74? For both games post your answers in the comments below. Just don’t give away the secret message & hidden chicken, so that others can play, too! ;)