I love when I gain inspiration from talented people that I’ve met on Instagram. Even better, I love when I find ways to collaborate with them & get the opportunity to point my spotlight their way! I’ve been a fan of @chrisburkard’s account for years, and I created this piece out of my adoration & respect for his work. His adventurous spirit and ability to capture the places he goes is inspiring & captivating. Last year he released a stunning documentary about an Icelandic surf trip that recently got picked up by Netflix! The moment I watched it I was inspired to make this animation. Within this piece I did my best to retell his story through the world of my art. It took me nearly a month to conceptualize & complete, with a lot of attention to detail & tricky parts to figure out along the way. The whole time I thought about his dedication to his craft, and how it’s always worth pushing yourself to new limits in the effort to make something new for others to enjoy. My hope with creating this piece is that it will encourage you to follow his awesome account and that you’ll go watch his film, “Under An Arctic Sky” (available on Netflix & iTunes)! I promise you’ll be inspired…& if you are, give it a good rating! A huge thank you to the team at @ChrisBurkardStudio for providing me with the footage & to @juliancisneros for the film’s original music! Here’s to supporting other creators & their creativity! 

Finally I can share with you where in the world I’ve been! Only this time I wanted to incorporate actual footage from my vacation to bring you along in my journey. I just got back from a tropical trip of a lifetime, all thanks to Club Med! I spun the globe and picked the farthest destination possible from my home in Colorado. After 30+ hours of travel I landed in Mauritius, an island off of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean! I was greeted by the awesome staff of Club Med La Plantation d'Albion (who were so much fun to hang out with), followed by a week relaxing & drinking in paradise. The beaches were lovely, the sailing was fun, the tropical paths were beautiful, and the infinity pools were straight up rad. I will say that hands down my favorite moment was when I took a resort excursion to a nearby wildlife park to hang out with lions! It was one of the coolest experience I’ve ever had! I wish you all could have been on this trip with me, and I hope this little video brings some Mauritian sunshine your way! Before you scroll down to the next post, within this piece there’s a tropical hidden emoji to find: 🌴! Hint: I’ll cheers anyone who can spot it!

Time to travel! You know me, I’ll take any chance that I can get to see the world and gain inspiration from new surroundings. Especially lately, I just think it’s a good time to get away. So my bags are packed and I’m leaving today on a trip of a lifetime! I won’t spoil the surprise of where I’m going, but it’s the absolute farthest that I will have traveled. Somewhere on the opposite side of the globe a destination awaits, and artwork is bound to be made! Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I bring you along in my journey through the artwork I create! For now, who’s ready for today’s hidden emoji? It’s a tricky one but here’s a hint: you’ve really got to *watch* out for it! In honor of the 3 flights ahead of me, find the #💺! 

This animation is for anyone who is daydreaming of a beach vacation! If you’ve been following my recent adventures on Snapchat or Facebook (@rachelryle🏻) then you know that I’ve been a busy bee! I finally have a break in my schedule so I’ve painted my toenails & packed my bags to sneak away!! Tomorrow I’m heading to Jamaica for a much needed vacation! I wish I could pack you all in my luggage to take you with me…but, as you can see, not even my radio fits! Don’t you worry though, I’ll be back soon with a tan & tons of new ideas to create!

I’ve never been to Paris in the springtime, but in my dreams this is what it’s like! The cheerful color of cherry blossoms line the sidewalks. Birds are chirping to the soft accordion music that fills the air. Historic buildings & beautiful architecture are waiting around every corner. Cafes on cobblestone streets welcome you in with a bottle of wine & a baguette. C'est magnifique! Someday I’ll put a beret on a French poodle and take a springtime stroll through the city of love! Until then I can only imagine how wonderful Paris is in the spring. To all my Parisian friends, or friends who simply love poodles or Paris, this one is for you! Happy Spring! 

PS As you can see, I’ve included as many French things that I could think of…including my poorly painted French manicure. Don’t you dare judge! As a fun little game, watch closely & see if you can find the hidden French mustache!!

I know I’m not alone when I say that I love springtime in New York! With every new budding flower, and each new little leaf, the city comes to life in the best of ways! Winter can be brutal, but it’s beautiful sunshiny days (like today) that make the memory of all the rain & snow melt away. This animation is dedicated to all those who live in the city, or simply love to visit. I am so thankful that I get to split my time from Colorado and spend spring and fall in New York. My dream is to someday live in a brownstone and fully have a New York life. Until that day comes, I’ll continue to create my dreams through animations and work hard to make them actually come true! #goals

I’ve been a busy bee preparing for this exciting moment! *drum roll, please* Today’s the grand opening of my very own online art shop!! I’ve remastered my travel postcards and am now offering them as prints & canvases of all sizes. Over the last year I’ve traveled to Paris, London, Italy, Germany, Iceland, Las Vegas & New York. All along the way I created illustrations of the sights to be seen! Now, thanks to the rad shops of threadless, I’m able to offer them as pieces of art for your walls! Please stop by my shop and say hello (cute dogs are welcome, too!) PS More cities are soon to come, I’m just deciding where I want to travel next! Where do you think I should go?

The Art Shop:

Well friends, I’m back from Europe! Thanks to all of you who were watching along the way. I wanted to creatively share some of my photos from my trip with you. Leave it to my old school View-Master to help me out, #ThrowbackThursday style. Here are some of my favorite shots, you can see the rest at!