I love when I gain inspiration from talented people that I’ve met on Instagram. Even better, I love when I find ways to collaborate with them & get the opportunity to point my spotlight their way! I’ve been a fan of @chrisburkard’s account for years, and I created this piece out of my adoration & respect for his work. His adventurous spirit and ability to capture the places he goes is inspiring & captivating. Last year he released a stunning documentary about an Icelandic surf trip that recently got picked up by Netflix! The moment I watched it I was inspired to make this animation. Within this piece I did my best to retell his story through the world of my art. It took me nearly a month to conceptualize & complete, with a lot of attention to detail & tricky parts to figure out along the way. The whole time I thought about his dedication to his craft, and how it’s always worth pushing yourself to new limits in the effort to make something new for others to enjoy. My hope with creating this piece is that it will encourage you to follow his awesome account and that you’ll go watch his film, “Under An Arctic Sky” (available on Netflix & iTunes)! I promise you’ll be inspired…& if you are, give it a good rating! A huge thank you to the team at @ChrisBurkardStudio for providing me with the footage & to @juliancisneros for the film’s original music! Here’s to supporting other creators & their creativity!