Make today *the day* to capture, to read, to write & to play! It’s up to you to create today! I’ve had this animation in my head, and on my art table, for weeks. I’ll admit it was a lot of work, but I squealed last night when I saw it play back for the first time! It is so fulfilling to see what was once just a thought come to life through creation. That’s the beauty of creativity, we all have some of it! Whether it comes out through paint, pictures, words, writing, music and so on. It’s in us! I hope this animation encourages you to take a day for your creativity & go create something! If you need a daily reminder, I’ve turned the end message from this piece into a wallpaper for your phone. Simply screenshot it from my saved Stories on my Instagram Profile page. But first, see if you can find the hidden paint brush emoji hiding somewhere in this creation! #🖌