I’ve never been to Paris in the springtime, but in my dreams this is what it’s like! The cheerful color of cherry blossoms line the sidewalks. Birds are chirping to the soft accordion music that fills the air. Historic buildings & beautiful architecture are waiting around every corner. Cafes on cobblestone streets welcome you in with a bottle of wine & a baguette. C'est magnifique! Someday I’ll put a beret on a French poodle and take a springtime stroll through the city of love! Until then I can only imagine how wonderful Paris is in the spring. To all my Parisian friends, or friends who simply love poodles or Paris, this one is for you! Happy Spring! 

PS As you can see, I’ve included as many French things that I could think of…including my poorly painted French manicure. Don’t you dare judge! As a fun little game, watch closely & see if you can find the hidden French mustache!!