If you love amazing food, then you would LOVE Brooklyn. I’ve done nothing but eat since I arrived. There’s just too many options of amazing & yummy food here! It simply wouldn’t be right if I didn’t partake. Speaking of which, I’ve got to get dressed and head over to Smorgasburg. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday than with all the best food trucks in the city. See you over there! ;)

I’ve been a busy bee preparing for this exciting moment! *drum roll, please* Today’s the grand opening of my very own online art shop!! I’ve remastered my travel postcards and am now offering them as prints & canvases of all sizes. Over the last year I’ve traveled to Paris, London, Italy, Germany, Iceland, Las Vegas & New York. All along the way I created illustrations of the sights to be seen! Now, thanks to the rad shops of threadless, I’m able to offer them as pieces of art for your walls! Please stop by my shop and say hello (cute dogs are welcome, too!) PS More cities are soon to come, I’m just deciding where I want to travel next! Where do you think I should go?

The Art Shop: