Happy Easter Everybunny! I “hop” today is full of happiness, love & little surprises along the way. My Sunday confession…I’ve been craving pancakes the entire time that I’ve been making this animation. Now that this bunny is done, it’s time I get my Easter Brunch on! Love to you all! PS see if you can find the hidden Easter bunny emoji hiding somewhere in this piece! #🐰

Happy birthday to you…yes, YOU! There’s a year ahead of us that is packed full with our birthdays & with this animation I celebrate them all. Whether your birthday is near or far, I think you all deserve a little sweetness today. Click this link, , to check out my new “Sweet Treats” iOS sticker pack. Among the 15 hand illustrated stickers, you can score this yummy cupcake, tiramisu, crème brûlée, or a slice of funfetti cake to sweeten any iMessage convo. Oh yeah, and *obviously* I included the sparkling candle in the pack so that you can turn any of my “Sweet Treats” into an instant celebration! Feel free to share this birthday love with your friends on their special day! I made this animation to be kind of like an ecard…only without that annoying loading bar. Just simply tag your friends in the comments below to wish them a happy birthday! Last but not least, who’s ready to find today’s hidden emoji? I’ll admit, it’s pretty easy this time…but don’t give it away in comments if you find it. Ready, set, go find the 🎂!! Happy hunting! 🕵🏻

Turn on your ovens & start baking some sweets, Santa Claus is on his way! There are only 5 days left until Christmas, but I simply couldn’t wait until Christmas Eve to share this. So I’ve cooked up this animation to bring some early holiday cheer your way! Also, it’s a friendly reminder to set out some cookies for Santa this Saturday…and a glass of milk. I hope this brings a smile to your face, and that the rest of your day is just as “sweet”! Fun fact: I’m very proud to say that I sewed together my own Santa gloves for this animation. A lot of time & love went into this piece. I think Old Saint Nick would be very pleased…I just hope it will land me a spot on his “nice” list! ;) #hohoho

‘Tis the season for seasonings & pie! I am so excited to finally announce that I’ve partnered with @lecreuset to bring this Thanksgiving to life through my quirky illustrations & animations! The full collection of my art is live on the homepage of their website,, as well as displayed in select Le Creuset stores worldwide! I’ve been busy in my make-believe kitchen cooking up a storm of holiday recipes using nothing but the best, Le Creuset’s classic Cerise cookware - conveniently a perfect match to my favorite red nail polish. This is one of the four animations from our collection which showcases their adorable product, the Pie Bird. I didn’t know this product existed, but you place it in the middle of your pie and while it bakes it releases steam through the beak of the bird - preventing moisture from building up in your pie. It’s pretty darn cute! I’m sorry turkey, but I think I have a new favorite Thanksgiving bird. Go check out the full collection of animations on their website. I promise it’ll get you excited for turkey, stuffing and so much more! I hope you enjoy what we’ve created and that the collection gets you all in the spirit of Thanksgiving! It’ll be here before we know it :)

See my full collection of Thanksgiving animations at:

Is it just me or was this week overly “taxing" on everyone else? It’s April 15th, the dreaded day of tax payments due, but I’m not going to let it get me down. If you got money back, or if you owe the government more, I think we all deserve a treat today! This, my friends, is my favorite cupcake to bake. It combines my favorite flavors of sweetness - vanilla, chocolate, coconut & two layers of icing! Meat lovers, and even you vegetarians, this is the yummiest burger you’ll ever devour! Take your time and enjoy it, I made it just for you :)

This Valentine’s Day I cooked up something sweet for you to share with your loved ones! Whether it’s for someone you love or simply someone who makes you happy, make sure you let them know that you’re thinking of them today! It “cannoli” bring a smile to their face! As for me, you all make me happy & this animation is a way for me to show it! Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

The time has come where students young and old are heading back to school! To cheer everyone up I baked us an after school treat, just like our moms would! Whether or not you are attending school or, I hope you all enjoy my freshly made cookies & milk! PS sorry if this song gets stuck in your head, but it’s a childhood favorite of mine! ;)