Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, friends!! When thinking about what to create for today’s animation, I wanted to give you the gift of Christmas! Today isn’t just about the pretty bows & presents that you receive. It’s about the holiday traditions & joy that surround you. My inspiration for this piece is the shining star that you’ll see nestled in the mountains. It’s a symbol of holiday tradition in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado. On the foothills of the Rocky Mountains this huge lit up star is shining bright every night throughout the holidays. It’s been there my entire life, and ever since I was a kid I eagerly wait for it to shine. It brings a smile every year and a warmth to Colorado’s winter. So from my hometown to yours, I wish you a very Merry Christmas filled with love, joy & traditions! And yes…that’s totally me as the ice skater! ;)

Turn on your ovens & start baking some sweets, Santa Claus is on his way! There are only 5 days left until Christmas, but I simply couldn’t wait until Christmas Eve to share this. So I’ve cooked up this animation to bring some early holiday cheer your way! Also, it’s a friendly reminder to set out some cookies for Santa this Saturday…and a glass of milk. I hope this brings a smile to your face, and that the rest of your day is just as “sweet”! Fun fact: I’m very proud to say that I sewed together my own Santa gloves for this animation. A lot of time & love went into this piece. I think Old Saint Nick would be very pleased…I just hope it will land me a spot on his “nice” list! ;) #hohoho

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I just returned home to Colorado for the holidays, and was delighted to see Christmas lights and winter snow covering my neighborhood. I simply love this time of year and always appreciate those who string their lights & share their joy. Whether you decorate your house or not, remember that holiday cheer starts in your heart. So put on a smile and be kind to those around you. I promise if you do it’ll make your holidays all the merrier! It’s time to bust out the holiday cheer, Christmas is almost here! #hohoho