say my name

Here’s a little #ThrowbackThursday to the one and only, Breaking Bad! I recently binged the entire series and sketched up inspiration for this piece. Of course, given my love for coffee, I simply had to make it about Gale’s mega-lab coffee machine! RIP. If you’re a fan of this show like me, I hope you enjoy all the detail that I put into this piece. I’ll be posting photos to my Story later today of closer up shots! I also must give a shoutout to the two gentlemen who made the show what it is, @bryancranston (“Walter White”) & @glassofwhiskey (“Jesse Pinkman”). Bravo to you both! I’m looking forward to seeing your new movies “Wakefield” and “Welcome Home”! Now for today’s animation, I have two games! First up, the hidden emoji…can you find the Los Pollos Hermanos chicken leg, 🍗? Second game, if you have time, decode this hidden message by using the Periodic Table of Elements to write out the corresponding letters: 1•53 | 49•16•73•9•95! | 74•1•8 | 13•16•8 | 3•19•99 | 90•53•16 | 16•67•74? For both games post your answers in the comments below. Just don’t give away the secret message & hidden chicken, so that others can play, too! ;)