I’ve been busy cutting out tiny lettuce & cooking up this creation with Blue Apron! The storyteller in me loves when I get the opportunity to work with brands. Especially when they let my imagination go “Ryled” to creatively tell their story through the world of my art. With this piece I wanted to convey Blue Apron’s meal kit home delivery service, hence the beginning package & “ding dong”. Then to show the ingredients they ship coming together to make a yummy homemade dish…with a little Ryle twist ;) Lucky for you, this animation comes with a gift! Click the link below to receive a special discount from the team at Blue Apron! You’re one delivery away from having everything you need to start cooking up a storm. It’s time to jazz it up & dish it out! As always, thanks for watching & happy cooking! #blueapron #ad #andproudofit