At last, this is out of my head & onto your screens! This animation took me nearly a month to conceptualize & create, with tons of tiny details honoring these six iconic & inspirational women. What started out as a simple concept quickly turned into a study session. I found myself researching each of them, and getting lost for days in their individual journeys. Hence the reason this took me so long, learning more about them caused me to put my heart into this creation. My biggest hope in showcasing their characteristic strengths, is that it inspires you to let your passions shine! We all have the ability to add brightness to this world. Let’s learn from these women and make our lights shine just as bright! PS Today’s hidden emoji is brought to you by the strength of women worldwide, can you find the golden flexing muscle? #💪 #ispyemojis Also, watch for a behind the scenes on my Story later today, as I’ll be giving a closer look to the tiny details & hidden meanings that I included about these six women: #CocoChanel, #JackieO (Onassis Kennedy), #AudreyHepburn, #LucilleBall, @Oprah (#Oprah Winfrey) & #PrincessDiana. #stopmotion #animation