I can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I started this fun & creative journey of teaching myself how to animate! Back then I had no idea where it would take me. Especially now as I’m moving to New York full time to pursue my art!! *insert scream of excitement* This animation means a lot to me as it’s my final creation made in the home studio where this all started. I wanted to create something meaningful, so I brought to life a quote from my father. He was always so encouraging, inspiring & supportive of my art. Luckily I still have my mom to remind me of his words & with them she continues to encourage me. Recently she shared with me this saying of his, and I knew instantly I wanted to animate it. “Healthy things grow, growing things change, changing things challenge us, challenge causes us to trust and trusting makes us healthy”. It’s a beautiful cycle and it’s comforting to know that while change can be challenging, often times it’s for the best! Many of you may remember my first animation called “Make Something & Grow” posted in July of 2013. As I enter into this season of change, I feel it’s time to ‘Grow Something & Trust”. Trusting that this is only the beginning of my journey. And while there will be changes & challenges ahead, I will continue to trust as I spread my wings & grow as an artist in the big city! With this I hope my dad’s words live on and encourage you in some way. You may also be in a season of change, so know that if you trust in a positive outcome you may very well be pleasantly surprised with what’s ahead! PS As for the #ispyemojis try and find this little guy ✨🐛✨!