I wanted to animate a friendly little bat to wish you all a Happy Halloween, but I knew as soon as he sucked the ink out of my pen that I had created a nasty vampire instead! Don’t worry, I survived the attack. I’m certainly not going to let one little bite ruin my holiday weekend. I know that Halloween isn’t until Monday, but if you’re like me you’ll be celebrating in costume starting tonight. Whether you’re out this weekend or wait until Monday, I hope you all have a safe, fun and festive Halloween! As for me, I’m heading to Las Vegas to rock my Queen of Hearts costume & to see @Grace_VanderWaal headline (that’s right, I’m a total fangirl)! Come along for the weekend by tuning into my snapchat 👉🏻snapchat.com/add/rachelryle 👈🏻! If I don’t see you there, have a Happy Halloween! :)