(Kaleido)Scope out what I made! Here’s a little spin on a toy that sparked my childhood creativity and brought excitement to the ordinary. I was listening to the lyrics of this Willy Wonka song and got inspired to make something that visually brings you into the world of my creation. I hope this animation sparks your creativity & brings back that moment of childhood wonder! A little note from behind the scenes: while filming inside a kaleidoscope isn’t my typical style of artwork, it was equally as challenging to get right! I knew I needed a bright and colorful surrounding to capture. So imagine me, in a candy store with an actual kaleidoscope balancing on my phone, spinning in circles while filming that clip through my small camera lens. Yeah, that happened. It took me 17 attempts & 30 minutes to film. Meanwhile kids were running around me, and the shop workers were staring at me - the weirdo spinning in circles in the back corner of the store. I finished filming & bought a bag of salt water taffy to reward myself…and to pay the candy store “rent” for my time spent creating. I’ll have to go today to show them the final piece of what I was busy making. Truthfully….I just want an excuse to go back to the candy store! ;)