OMG! I can finally share what I’ve been working so hard on! You guys, I’m now making iOS Stickers!!! This means that my little illustrations and quirky animations can come to life within your text conversations. Think emojis, but bigger & better! With iOS 10 you can use stickers to fill your iMessage chats by placing them anywhere on top of your conversation. I have been working all month to create 4 packs of stickers, totaling 45 hand illustrations, 20 of which are animations!! I’ve made a Coffee Pack that you coffee lovers will adore. A Brunch Pack that showcases all the best brunch foods. A Football Pack that is bound to be the real winner….I made a football player do the dab dance! The dab dance, people! And finally, because I love you guys, I made a FREE Preview Pack so that you all can enjoy using my stickers! Do me the BIGGEST favor? Please go snag the free pack, or any others that you love, and leave a rating/comment for me within iTunes. This is my first time building my own app and I would love if we can get it to the top! Click on this link - - which will take you straight to my collection! You’ll first need to update to iOS 10 before you can use stickers within iMessage, but trust me it’ll be worth it! This is only the beginning, I plan to make many more packs for you to collect. I simply love the thought that my art work will now be living in your phones and in your daily conversations! This is going to be so much fun! PS Don’t worry I’ll still be rocking out animations here, too! This girl was born to create, nothing’s going to stop this motion!