It’s come time to say so long to summer. I figured what better way to say goodbye than to make us my favorite summer drink! After all, just because the sunshine & warmth is going away doesn’t mean the party needs to stop. With this I say “cheers to summer”! You will be deeply missed, but I’ll have a cocktail waiting for your return in 2017! Exciting news for all you cocktail lovers…this animation comes with bonus art! Today I’ve launched my “Cocktails by Rachel Ryle” sticker pack for iOS. That’s right! This dancing piña colada could be yours along with 14 other classic cocktail iOS stickers. Check out the collection in the iMessage App Store or by clicking on this link: Best part is, it’s happy hour somewhere, which means this pack is 50% off! Stock up on these cheap booze while you can - this is a limited time offer! For less than a buck you can enjoy this sticker collection of cocktails & share some drinks with your friends! Trust me, the animated beer pong sticker is totally worth it. Cheers guys, have a happy Thirst-day! Note: see my last animation for more details about iOS Stickers! You must have iOS 10 installed to download & use Stickers within iMessage. If my sticker packs aren’t showing up within your collection, make sure that “Automatically Add Apps” is turned “ON” in your iMessage App Store Manage Tab. Happy sticking!

This week kicked off with a bang, summer is finally here! I’ll be the first to admit, the only reason I garden in the spring is so that I can have fresh mint for my summer mojitos! ’Tis the season to bring the party outside and celebrate summer! I figured it’s a Wednesday, we all deserve a mojito moment! Cheers…from my garden party to yours!