i miss you

Admit it, there’s someone out there who you miss a whole bunch! I personally have a list of people that I want to send this to. That’s exactly why I made this animation, to give us all something to share with the people who we love & miss the most. So if you have that special someone in mind, share this with a sweet note to bring a smile to their day! As for me, I have two people in mind that I will take this opportunity to share my love with. @BarackObama & @MichelleObama I want you to know that I am so proud to have had you as our nation’s leaders for the past 8 years. Your respected leadership & kind presence in the White House will be deeply missed. So while this may be premature, know that I will miss you. I look forward to seeing the great things that you will accomplish in the years to come! A big thank you to everyone who shares this, I hope it’s a nice surprise for the people that you tag. Last, but not least, have fun finding today’s hidden emoji #😣