So…have you seen it!? Instagram has a new logo!! As you can tell from this animation, I’m totally ‘digging’ it!! It’s so fresh, vibrant & fun! True, the original logo will forever have a special place in my heart, but I am loving the new look! Instagram has always been so full of life & color and this icon truly reflects the vibrant world that we’ve all created through our posts in the app. Well done, Instagram team! You’ve had my heart along with my art for years. I’m happy to share this colorful creation to celebrate this exciting milestone in your company’s growth! Here’s to many more posts from all of us as we continue to make life vibrant!!

Welcome to Wafflepalooza! It’s been a whole month since my car accident, which has forced me to stay in bed & heal from my injuries. So in celebration of me returning to my studio & Instagram, I’ve cooked you up a sweet treat! I’m a sucker for waffles, especially when I get to decorate them with all kinds of toppings. My friends and I have Wafflepalooza, a joyous event where the waffles and toppings are endless. I hope you enjoy this one I made just for you! PS It’s good to be back! :)