It’s the time of year to give thanks, and let me tell you…I am so thankful for you! Your likes, comments & shares have been the #1 motivation that keeps me creating. So this is my special thanks to you! Given the spirit of the season, and seeing that Thanksgiving is next week, I wanted to give you all the gift of gratitude! I’ve created a *FREE* collection of thankful iOS stickers for you to download! You can score the collection from the iMessage App Store - Pro tip: once downloaded make sure the pack is turned “on” under the Manage tab within your iMessage Store. You’ll then see it appear in your sticker collections! *Bonus*: if you’ve installed the free “Preview Pack by Rachel Ryle”, update it today! I’ve added more free stickers including a sticker from each of my newest packs! I hope you enjoy my 18 handwritten ways to give thanks to your friends. I know that many of you are from around the world, so I’ve included 9 foreign languages within the pack for different ways to say “thanks”! Remember friends, being thankful is key to a happy heart. Hopefully this small gift will get you in the spirit of Thanksgiving and encourage you to give thanks to the ones you love!

Happy Thanksgiving! I truly want to thank you for all your love & support of my art. I am so thankful that you enjoy what I create & that I’m able to do it full time. I made this animation with the hope that you will also stop & take a moment to say “thank you” to someone in your life. Send this with a special greeting & I’m sure it’s bound to bring a smile to their day! :)