They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, they’re altogether ooky, this sticker pack by me! Introducing “Halloween by Rachel Ryle” - my first holiday sticker pack for iOS!! This animation showcases 10 of the iOS stickers that come in my spooky pack of 18 halloween thrillers! Check out the collection in the iMessage App Store (search the pack title or my name) or by clicking on this link: I know it’s still 29 days until Halloween, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get this spooky party started! Between the disappearing ghost & a ugly flying witch, pumpkin carving & zombie gravestone, this pack will fill your month & messages with holiday goodness! Go get your freak on and start sending them in iMessage today! *Bonus*: if you’ve installed the free “Preview Pack by Rachel Ryle”, update it today! I’ve added more free stickers including a sticker from each of my newest packs! Side note: Android users - I’m sorry if you feel left out. If ever there’s a way for me bring my stickers over to your devices I’ll definitely let you know. For now I’m building up my collection for iOS, so just sit tight! Side side note: iOS users, aren’t we in love with iOS 10?! My iMessages have become an explosion of sticker madness & confetti galore. You’ll definitely love adding this collection to the mix! If you’ve got it. haunt it! ;)

It’s come time to say so long to summer. I figured what better way to say goodbye than to make us my favorite summer drink! After all, just because the sunshine & warmth is going away doesn’t mean the party needs to stop. With this I say “cheers to summer”! You will be deeply missed, but I’ll have a cocktail waiting for your return in 2017! Exciting news for all you cocktail lovers…this animation comes with bonus art! Today I’ve launched my “Cocktails by Rachel Ryle” sticker pack for iOS. That’s right! This dancing piña colada could be yours along with 14 other classic cocktail iOS stickers. Check out the collection in the iMessage App Store or by clicking on this link: Best part is, it’s happy hour somewhere, which means this pack is 50% off! Stock up on these cheap booze while you can - this is a limited time offer! For less than a buck you can enjoy this sticker collection of cocktails & share some drinks with your friends! Trust me, the animated beer pong sticker is totally worth it. Cheers guys, have a happy Thirst-day! Note: see my last animation for more details about iOS Stickers! You must have iOS 10 installed to download & use Stickers within iMessage. If my sticker packs aren’t showing up within your collection, make sure that “Automatically Add Apps” is turned “ON” in your iMessage App Store Manage Tab. Happy sticking!

OMG! I can finally share what I’ve been working so hard on! You guys, I’m now making iOS Stickers!!! This means that my little illustrations and quirky animations can come to life within your text conversations. Think emojis, but bigger & better! With iOS 10 you can use stickers to fill your iMessage chats by placing them anywhere on top of your conversation. I have been working all month to create 4 packs of stickers, totaling 45 hand illustrations, 20 of which are animations!! I’ve made a Coffee Pack that you coffee lovers will adore. A Brunch Pack that showcases all the best brunch foods. A Football Pack that is bound to be the real winner….I made a football player do the dab dance! The dab dance, people! And finally, because I love you guys, I made a FREE Preview Pack so that you all can enjoy using my stickers! Do me the BIGGEST favor? Please go snag the free pack, or any others that you love, and leave a rating/comment for me within iTunes. This is my first time building my own app and I would love if we can get it to the top! Click on this link - - which will take you straight to my collection! You’ll first need to update to iOS 10 before you can use stickers within iMessage, but trust me it’ll be worth it! This is only the beginning, I plan to make many more packs for you to collect. I simply love the thought that my art work will now be living in your phones and in your daily conversations! This is going to be so much fun! PS Don’t worry I’ll still be rocking out animations here, too! This girl was born to create, nothing’s going to stop this motion!

Clearly I’m a fangirl of stop motion animation! ;) So last week when Focus Features invited me to fly out to Universal Studios in Hollywood for a sneak peek of their new stop motion animation film, Kubo and the Two Strings, I jumped at the opportunity! Let me tell you, I am SO impressed with the dedication and detail that went into making this film! It honestly took my breath away, especially knowing that it took them years to create. My hat is off to Laika (company) - the animation studio who created Kubo & The Two Strings, along with other films such as Coraline and Paranorman. In partnership with Focus Features, here’s my little stop motion movie trailer for their new masterpiece…which you must go see! @Kubothemovie is in theaters this Friday the 19th! For the love of stop motion animation go see it this weekend, and then tell me what you think! Someday maybe I’ll make a movie this big & epic, until then you’re stuck with me on here! ;)

Who else out there is a happy camper?! Sometimes you just need to pack a bag, go outside & enjoy nature! Of course it helps to pack the essentials…I mean, camping isn’t glamping without french press coffee. I hope this post inspires you to explore the outdoors & breathe in the fresh air! After all it’s still summer, so get outside and make the most of it! PS Dear hipsters, I tried to pack all the hipster camping gear that I could think of…did I do a good job?! ;)

This summer is just too darn hot! I personally think that your inner child deserves some ice cream. Get out & go treat yourself to something sweet…even if you have to chase down your neighborhood ice cream truck! I hope this animation brings you a smile & that your day is sprinkled with sweetness! Happy “Sundae”, everyone! Disclaimer: I’ll admit, I did a sloppy job at painting my nails. Trust me, I did my best with what I have! This nail polish is old & chunky and I didn’t have another yellow color in my collection. I guess it’s time to go shopping for some new polish! ;)

(Kaleido)Scope out what I made! Here’s a little spin on a toy that sparked my childhood creativity and brought excitement to the ordinary. I was listening to the lyrics of this Willy Wonka song and got inspired to make something that visually brings you into the world of my creation. I hope this animation sparks your creativity & brings back that moment of childhood wonder! A little note from behind the scenes: while filming inside a kaleidoscope isn’t my typical style of artwork, it was equally as challenging to get right! I knew I needed a bright and colorful surrounding to capture. So imagine me, in a candy store with an actual kaleidoscope balancing on my phone, spinning in circles while filming that clip through my small camera lens. Yeah, that happened. It took me 17 attempts & 30 minutes to film. Meanwhile kids were running around me, and the shop workers were staring at me - the weirdo spinning in circles in the back corner of the store. I finished filming & bought a bag of salt water taffy to reward myself…and to pay the candy store “rent” for my time spent creating. I’ll have to go today to show them the final piece of what I was busy making. Truthfully….I just want an excuse to go back to the candy store! ;)

From wearing patriotic party hats to eating yummy holiday treats, this animation sums up why I love the 4th of July! Of course, as with every Independence Day, the piece wouldn’t be complete without some sparkles at the end! I hope you all have a fun & safe holiday full of friends, food & epic fireworks! Happy 4th of July, America…I love ya!

This week kicked off with a bang, summer is finally here! I’ll be the first to admit, the only reason I garden in the spring is so that I can have fresh mint for my summer mojitos! ’Tis the season to bring the party outside and celebrate summer! I figured it’s a Wednesday, we all deserve a mojito moment! Cheers…from my garden party to yours!

This week has been full of heartbreak & sadness. I am devastated by the evil act of hate that occurred in Orlando over the weekend. Monday started and my creativity was definitely blocked by a river of emotions. When I heard the news about the lives we lost in Florida, I could instantly sympathize with the feeling of grief that the victim’s friends & family are going through. On a personal note, for months I’ve been dreading this coming Sunday - my first Father’s Day without my dad. I’ve just wanted to curl up in bed and cry, avoiding any kind of art or creativity. However, yesterday this animation popped in my head and I believe I have my dad to thank! He raised me to be someone who shares light in a world of darkness, to be loving in moments of sadness, and to create joy whenever possible! Despite my puffy eyes & heavy heart, I turned my frown upside and created this piece in the hopes that it will be uplifting. With this animation I encourage you all to let your light shine, especially in the face of darkness. I dedicate this to the families who lost a loved one in Orlando, my heart goes out to you all!

I’m a fangirl of winter, but thanks to Snoopy my favorite kind of snow happens in the summer…in a tiny cup with cherry syrup drizzled on top. When I was a kid I was never lucky enough to own a Snoopy Sno-Cone machine, but clearly I still think about it. Here’s a little throwback to our childhood and to the treats that made it fun! ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬

We’ve all been here! We say things we regret or we do things we shouldn’t do. Worst of all, there are times that our actions let someone down. I made this animation for when you want to tell someone that you’re sorry! Life’s too short to stay in a fight, and being bitter doesn’t make you better! Asking for forgiveness is the key to a happy heart, and I hope this bouquet will help you make amends. Have someone in mind that you want to apologize to? Share this animation with them or tag them below to let them know that you’re thinking of them! Remember, it’s never “tulip” to say sorry!

So…have you seen it!? Instagram has a new logo!! As you can tell from this animation, I’m totally ‘digging’ it!! It’s so fresh, vibrant & fun! True, the original logo will forever have a special place in my heart, but I am loving the new look! Instagram has always been so full of life & color and this icon truly reflects the vibrant world that we’ve all created through our posts in the app. Well done, Instagram team! You’ve had my heart along with my art for years. I’m happy to share this colorful creation to celebrate this exciting milestone in your company’s growth! Here’s to many more posts from all of us as we continue to make life vibrant!!

This animation is for anyone who is daydreaming of a beach vacation! If you’ve been following my recent adventures on Snapchat or Facebook (@rachelryle🏻) then you know that I’ve been a busy bee! I finally have a break in my schedule so I’ve painted my toenails & packed my bags to sneak away!! Tomorrow I’m heading to Jamaica for a much needed vacation! I wish I could pack you all in my luggage to take you with me…but, as you can see, not even my radio fits! Don’t you worry though, I’ll be back soon with a tan & tons of new ideas to create!

It’s Earth Day, can you dig it? I think we all agree that everyday should be Earth Day, but today is a worldwide reminder that we all need to do our part to take care of this planet! Go hug a tree, plant a seed, and pick up some litter! Together every small action can make a big difference! Happy Earth Day…or rather, make the Earth Happy Day!

Is it just me or was this week overly “taxing" on everyone else? It’s April 15th, the dreaded day of tax payments due, but I’m not going to let it get me down. If you got money back, or if you owe the government more, I think we all deserve a treat today! This, my friends, is my favorite cupcake to bake. It combines my favorite flavors of sweetness - vanilla, chocolate, coconut & two layers of icing! Meat lovers, and even you vegetarians, this is the yummiest burger you’ll ever devour! Take your time and enjoy it, I made it just for you :)

I’ve never been to Paris in the springtime, but in my dreams this is what it’s like! The cheerful color of cherry blossoms line the sidewalks. Birds are chirping to the soft accordion music that fills the air. Historic buildings & beautiful architecture are waiting around every corner. Cafes on cobblestone streets welcome you in with a bottle of wine & a baguette. C'est magnifique! Someday I’ll put a beret on a French poodle and take a springtime stroll through the city of love! Until then I can only imagine how wonderful Paris is in the spring. To all my Parisian friends, or friends who simply love poodles or Paris, this one is for you! Happy Spring! 

PS As you can see, I’ve included as many French things that I could think of…including my poorly painted French manicure. Don’t you dare judge! As a fun little game, watch closely & see if you can find the hidden French mustache!!

I know I’m not alone when I say that I love springtime in New York! With every new budding flower, and each new little leaf, the city comes to life in the best of ways! Winter can be brutal, but it’s beautiful sunshiny days (like today) that make the memory of all the rain & snow melt away. This animation is dedicated to all those who live in the city, or simply love to visit. I am so thankful that I get to split my time from Colorado and spend spring and fall in New York. My dream is to someday live in a brownstone and fully have a New York life. Until that day comes, I’ll continue to create my dreams through animations and work hard to make them actually come true! #goals

It’s my party & I’ll draw it I want to! It’s time to bring out the big, big, BIG balloons! Today’s my birthday & I’ve brought the party to your screen! I wish we could all celebrate together with one giant cake, but this tiny one will have to do. Luckily, there’s a fresh slice for each of us! I hope you all have a wonderful day today, I know I sure will! ‪#‎birthdaysarethebest‬